Let’s Make Things Better!
Hospitality, Extraordinary Cuisine, Staff Education and Training 
It's not our work. It's our passion!
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Menu writing, Staff Training, Cost / Inventory Control, Restaurant and Lounge Layouts, Room Service Upgrades, Decor and Design

  1. Presentations
    Improve the guest lasting memories
  2. Education
    Knowledge leading to success
  3. Decor and Design
    Decor and Design
    Provide comfort for the guest , as well as, the staff

Crescent Creek Consulting 

Helping you create your dream, with a better educated team, quality presentations, limited liabilities and increased profits.
It's not our work, It's our passion ! 

  • Over thirty - five years hospitality and food service experience
  • Experience working with and in Five Star establishments
  • Certified Executive Chefs, Dietitians, Certified Dietary Managers, Serv-Safe Instructor / Proctors, Culinary Evaluators, T.IP.S. and Serv-Safe Alcohol On-Line Proctors,  Interior design Specialist, Certified Public Accountants, Financial Planners and Tax Strategist 
  • Serv-Safe Proctors available for English, Spanish and Chinese Exams
  • Dietary calorie counts, cycle menus and charting 
  • Serving American Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions
  • Our policy is to work for our client and the clients guest.                            "If the customer is happy, then we're RIGHT!"
  • Return training and follow-up visit at no fee with-in the first year, following initial consult and completion of new menus
  • On-site assitance for large events and special functions 
  • Choose Crescent Creek Consulting and reach a higher level of success 
We strive to be as flexible as our clients and provide services
that are customized for each and every situation. There is no "cookie cutter" method. Every project and challenge is meant with an open mind and appropriately considered. 

Support for an organization
any size!

Continued Support

With a genuine concern for our client's needs. Reaching out to you quarterly to assure your needs have been established and you are realizing your dream

  • Over thirty - five years experience
  • Proven success
  • Qualifications
  • Local and National
  • Your happiness makes us RIGHT!
  • Unlimited return visits in the first year on the implimentaion of new menus
  • Assistance with large events
  • Reaching a higher level of success
We offer continued support and unlimited return visits with-in the first year once your new menu has been implimented. We can also provide assistance with large events, create ice sculptures and elaborate desserts for special events and Grand openings.

If you have any questions, please visit our Support Center where we have lots of helpful articles that will assist you in creating the vision of your dreams!